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Jenna Randall blogs from San Francisco training camp

31 January 2011

Commonwealth silver medallists Jenna Randall and Olivia Allison are fine-tuning their preparation for the 2011 season at a three-week training camp in San Francisco. Catch up with the latest from the girls as they get to grips with their new duet techinical programme.

So it's come to the end of our trip here in America!

Olivia and I are sad to be leaving as we have enjoyed this experience a lot but we’re both excited to come home and see everyone after being away for three weeks!

We repeated the routine in doubles on our back. It kills!!!! But it really helps the toe muscles to the toe point.

We’ve learnt some new skills in the water and in the gym which are hopefully going to help us improve a lot this year! Here's an idea of our flexibility sessions:

  • In our 60 minute flexibility sessions (which we had three times a week), we did 50 bounces with no hands then held the splits for three minutes on a chair.
  • They don’t care what range you have – everyone is on a chair and no lower and they push you ‘til you cry!!
  • But this flexibility has really improved my splits in the water and my back knee is less bent in the rocket split element.

We also did a lot of toe work on top of the usual standing on toes exercise.

  • Sitting up with a Thera-Band round the tops of our feet in flex position, we moving out toes to demi-pointe, then full point, then back to flex again.
  • We did that five times slowly then 20 times fast... then we went from demi-pointe to full point 20 times fast.
  • We then repeated this routine in doubles on our back and then in back layout without stopping between each position. It kills!!! But it really helps the toe muscles to the toe point.

We did a lot of weight work in the pool, especially on our duet tech elements which helped us a lot with our arm endurance to get the height we are looking for in whole swims.

We also spent a lot of time on equal levels in the verticals and cranes – we worked on trying to get the exact same level on every count in every movement to really make us swim the same with the same intensity and at the same time.

We are really trying to move up the rankings this year at the World Championships and by doing all this we will be one step closer to our goals!

The girls enjoyed seeing us swim and wished us the best for this year which was really appreciated.

On the last week of training we finished the week by doing a display of our new duet tech program to the girls at the Aquanuts club.

The family came as well and the mother (Julie) said she felt like a proud mum which was lovely to hear. The girls enjoyed seeing us swim and wished us all the best for this year, which was really appreciated!

Olivia and I were lucky enough to go see the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz last weekend which was amazing. We went with one of our coaches out here, Gail who you can see in the Alcatraz picture.

Everyone has been really kind and made us feel right at home.

She has been to every Olympics since synchro was introduced in 1984, so she has great knowledge of the sport and has helped us a lot on what we need to improve!

We also got to go to Tahoe for our last weekend here in the US. The family we stayed with have a house up there so they showed us the Squaw Olympic Village and Lake Tahoe. It's a beautiful place but very, very cold!

It was hard leaving the family and the coaches that we have been around for the past  three weeks. We fitted into the family after the first day being here – they were really kind people and made us feel right at home.

We now have an American family that we love and will always keep in touch! It's been nice to meet new people and make new friends that we will keep for life and hopefully we will get the opportunity to go back and see them again!

Now we’re back, we’re focusing on our first competition this year at the German Open.

It’s in March so we have a lot of work to do on the team routines that we have missed for the past three weeks!

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