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Jodie Cowie’s GB Journey: Exciting couple of weeks

17th April 2013

In January 2013, 15-year old Jodie Cowie was selected to train with the British Gas GBR Synchronised Swimming Team. She decided to write a blog to keep track of her exciting first year with the team.

Hi everyone!

I think it’s been a while since I posted – I can’t really remember! But the good news is there’s now some great things to tell you about!

Most of the new girls to the team hadn’t done a photoshoot before so I think we were all a bit nervous.

First of all, not last Saturday but the one before, was our first Saturday session at the Garrison, so to ‘celebrate’ we had a bad taste day.

It was very funny seeing what everyone turned up in – a few girls wore onesies and some wore some very bright (and clashing!!) colourful outifts. I think anyone who saw us probably thought we were very strange.

Last week we had a photoshoot which was exciting but a bit scary! Most of the new girls to the team hadn’t done a photoshoot before so I think we were all a bit nervous.

It was a bit chaotic getting everyone ready in time but we managed it  The best part was that we got to wear the costume from the 2012 Olympics. I was very careful putting it on as I really did not want to damage it!

Here’s a picture (that’s right – the first photo I’ve uploaded!!) of me and Lucy after the shoot! (Lucy is on the left and I am on the right).

I also had to do my hair on my own for the first time because when I was at Rushmoor we all helped each other do our hair. I suppose it is quicker to do your own!

Luckily the older girls helped us with our makeup – I’m not sure I could have done that myself as well.

Yesterday, the squad went up to London to have dinner at Jamie’s Italian! The resteraunt was very posh and the food was delicious – we all opted for the mango sorbet for dessert because it looked the healthiest, but in the end it tasted really nice!

It was really great meeting our sponsors from British Gas and to talk to them about new ideas and all of the things they have done for the team!

After we finished the meal we went to Pineapple Dance Studios! It was so much fun! We learnt a piece of choreography to Beyonce’s 'Run The World' and it was actually really well suited to our sport because the piece was powerful but we also had to perform! The two-hour session was hard work but we managed a picture afterwards.

Our teacher was called Tariq (the one in the middle) and he was a brilliant dancer! He was so energetic and into the routine, it was like he was doing it as if he was always on the stage!

Lastly I just want to say well done to my club Rushmoor – British champions again!

Well done to everyone who went to British Champs last weekend – there were many amazing performances.


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