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Jodie Cowie’s GB Journey: Getting Tougher!

11th March 2013

In January 2013, 15-year old Jodie Cowie was selected to train with the British Gas GBR Synchronised Swimming Team. She decided to write a blog to keep track of her exciting first year with the team.

I didn’t realise how long it had been since I posted!

I know I have said it before but training really is getting tougher, because as soon as we’re able to handle it the intensity increases. It really is harder than anything I have ever done before, but I think we are all coping with it well.

Unfortunately over the last couple of days I have had a problem with my back and shoulder, but the physio is helping me and it’s on its way to getting back to normal. In a way I am looking forward to the next set of tests we have for speed swimming (never thought I would say that!) because I think I have improved and would really like to know if I have!

I’m also really pleased because I got my exam results from school last Thursday and got an A* in Biology and Chemistry and an A in Physics (they were the only exams I have taken so far – I’m not just hiding the bad results!!). I also found out I got full marks in my German speaking exam, so that is really positive in helping towards my final result in the summer.

Two of my team mates Asha Randall and Katie Clark have recently finished competing in their first duet event at the German Open and came back with an amazing bronze medal! Everyone in the team is really pleased for them. I’m looking forward to when they come back to training so we can practice as a team again!

Last weekend I was very happy because I got to see my mum on Mother’s Day when I thought I wasn’t going to. I went out to lunch with her and my dad, before she went back to have dinner with my brother and sisters at home! I think she was probably very full by the end of the day. I bought her a new pair of trainers, which unfortunately were a bit too small, but we went to the store and changed them so that’s all fine.

I also got a new dressing gown which is really soft!

We got our new strength and conditioning programme on Saturday. Having strong muscles and a stable core is vital in synchro because you need to be able to hit and hold certain positions in the routine, or be able to do quick movements and keep high out of the water. The programme is a bit harder than the last one we had, to keep us working as we are getting stronger.

Sometimes it’s quite scary going to training, because you don’t really know what you are going to be doing. It could be intense fitness, working on our endurance in the routine, or it could be detail and pattern work.

Endurance is important because we have to be able to maintain our height and energy throughout the routine in order to gain high scores, but also have to swim close together, and all have the same angles in the movements.

Not last Friday but the week before, we went to one of the older girls houses to do team bonding. It was actually really fun, and we got to know the other swimmers a lot better!

There was a selection for the British Champs team back at my old club, Rushmoor. I’m really pleased for everyone that was selected as they all deserved it.

I’m sure it was a hard decision for all of the assessors, as everyone I know that was trialling trains really hard, so there was a bit of disappointment for some people, but nonetheless those who were picked will be amazing at the competition this April, and will bring back the trophy!

I think that’s everything that has happened since my last post. I will probably update again this weekend to let you know how the training this week went!

Oh and we were given about six new GB swimming costumes and a GB swimming hat! All the designs are really nice – I can’t wait to wear them!


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