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Jodie Cowie’s GB Journey: The First Week

6th February 2013

In January 2013, 15-year old Jodie Cowie was selected to train with the British Gas GBR Synchronised Swimming Team. She decided to write a blog to keep track of her exciting first year with the team.

Hello! I just wanted to start writing a blog so anybody can keep up with my journey with the GB synchronised swimming team if they want to!

The trials began on 21st January and there were about 20 of us there, many swimmers that I knew really well, so it was great to see them all. 

The first day was very long (7am-5pm) and very challenging, but not much compared to the kind of training the real team does! After two days, the number of swimmers was dropped to nine, and one of them was me! The difficulty of training progressed again on the last day and a half, so it was lovely to have a day off on Friday after being told I had made it to the National team.

Although the trials were finished, training began in just over a week so there was a lot to organise. (Very big thank you to everyone who helped with travel/sorting out the house, especially Mum and Dad. I know how stressful it must have been!)

We’ve been sorting out schooling so I can carry on my GCSE’s, and also accommodation as I can’t be travelling an hour and a half every morning to training, especially not with a 7am start!

This week I have been staying with my Gran, it was very kind of her to let me stay, along with my friend and team mate Lucy Bowes, from Blackpool.

We’ve both been extremely tired in the afternoons this week as there has been a big transition in the level of training, but everyday we’re recovering a bit more quickly!

We started training on Monday 4th Feb, so today is the third day of training. We got to wear GB swimsuits and caps which was exciting! The newbies have all ordered kit - it just hasn’t come yet.

I’m moving into my new house with Genevieve Randall and Lucy Bowes on Saturday or Sunday which is going to be really fun! It's going to be a bit of an ‘Indie’ house (quote Lucy) as I think the furniture is gonna be a bit mix and match, but it’s all part of the fun!

That’s all so far, not sure how often I will be updating yet, depends how much time I have. Will hopefully be able to add some pictures soon too!

Thank you again for everyone that has helped me so far.

Jodie x

About Jodie

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