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Jodie Cowie’s GB Journey: Two weeks in

14th February 2013

In January 2013, 15-year old Jodie Cowie was selected to train with the British Gas GBR Synchronised Swimming Team. She decided to write a blog to keep track of her exciting first year with the team.

It’s nearly been two weeks of training, and even though it’s all been hard the tiredness is really starting to kick in now! A few injuries are beginning to crop up from everyone but I think it’s just having to make such a big adjustment in training.

Yesterday, Amy and I were on KNFM radio news, and they played a couple of short clips from our interview with Kent sport news! Unfortunately I didn’t get to hear it as I couldn’t access the radio from where I am but my parents heard it and Amy recorded it so I could listen to it.

My dad has been staying up at this house with us for a couple of days, so it was really nice to see him, and I will hopefully be seeing my mum and my sister this weekend, which is really exciting because I miss them a lot!

Dad brought some more stuff from my room at home up, like my telly and some games, so every day my room is feeling a bit more comfortable and cosy! Dad also really kindly put up my new bed which has a sort of pull-out bit which will be really helpful if my family or friends come to stay.

Yesterday, our coach gave us a little present that she gave to all the other seniors. It’s like a hairband but it’s plastic and it makes your hair look really cool when you put it up! And they are all different which is nice.

We have another Bisham session on Saturday which is four hours of land training, which includes strength and flexibility work. I’m hoping there is no more testing to be done as it was very painful last week!

Looking forward to our first competition that is abroad, because I will be able to show off my tan and make my family really jealous!

I will update again soon!


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