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Jorja Brown

Welcome to Jorja Brown’s profile page.

Personal Data

Date of Birth: 20th April 1997

Born: Frimley, Surrey

Team / Club: Rushmoor Synchronised Swimming Club

Coach: Lolli Montico / Biz Price

International Competitions

Competition Event Year Score Medal/Position
European Championships Team 2014 75.9667 10th
  Free Combination   76.1333 8th

Domestic Events

Competition Event Year Score Medal/Position
British Gas Championships Solo 2013 139.390 GOLD
  Duet   139.100 GOLD
  Team   137.930 GOLD
  Free Combination   71.240 SILVER
  Duet Tech 2012 64.700 4th
  Team   140.680 GOLD
  Free Combination   70.180 GOLD
ASA National Age Groups Duet Free (15-17) 2012 128.324 SILVER
  Team Free (15-17)   129.130 SILVER
  Figures (15-17)   64.356 1st
  Duet Free (13-14) 2011 126.209 GOLD
  Team Free (13-14)   122.004 GOLD
  Figures (13-14)   64.086 1st
  Solo Free (13-14) 2010 61.177 BRONZE
  Duet Free (13-14)   59.163 GOLD
  Team Free (13-14)   60.221 GOLD
  Figures (13-14)   60.354 3rd
  Solo Free (12/U) 2009 58.687 BRONZE
  Duet Free (12/U)   57.184 SILVER
  Team Free (12/U)   54.990 GOLD
  Figures (12/U)   59.540 3rd

In The Pool

Aspirations: To be part of an Olympic Games representing Team GB.

Finest performance: There are two….. being captain of the England squad and winning gold in Figures, Duet and Team in Croatia 2012 and being British champion for Solo, Duet, Team and overall British champion at the British Gas Synchronised Swimming Championships 2013.

Who has been greatest influence on you: My mum and other family members. Also Louise Woolley and Myriam Glez who have always been there, supported and believed in me.

When did you begin synchro: In 2005 when I was eight.

Out Of The Pool

Family members: Emma (mum) who used to be seen out on the athletics track; Dan (step dad) who played rugby until a knee injury forced him out of the game; Adam (brother) who isn’t bad at football; Scarlett (sister), who at the age of three wants to be a synchro swimmer; Jason (dad) was a pretty decent tennis player and Camay (step mum) gives a great massage!

Studies: BTEC Sports Science, AASE.

Ultimate relaxation: A sports massage followed by reality tv with a hot water bottle.

One thing you can’t live without: My mobile phone!

Tip for the top: Never ever give up! If you want something enough you can achieve it through hard work and determination.

Life after swimming: Coaching or sports rehabilitation.


Sports: I don’t really have time for them anymore but I enjoy trampolining as well as synchro.

Films: Everything from Rom-Coms to horror movies.

Music: Chart music.

Food: A good roast dinner on Sunday and chocolate (as a treat, of course!).

Hobbies: Shopping with mum and my baby sister Scarlett, and sleeping!


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