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Transition Time: Asha Randall’s New Year ambitions

17th January 2012

The British Gas GBR Synchronised Swimming Team have just returned from a two week break over Christmas and the New Year. Team member Asha Randall fills us in on their preparations for their first competition of the year.

The two-week break gave time for everyone to go home and spend time with family and friends but at the same time this wasn’t a complete break – it was just a break from the High Performance Training Centre (HPC).

Jenna and I trained on Christmas Day and enjoyed a lovely morning run and core session which my Dad joined us on.

We still trained throughout the holiday with patterns of two days work then one day off. Everyone was given a training plan which consisted of gym sessions, swim workouts, flexibility work and pilates programmes that had to be completed before returning back to the HPC.

But as we’re all used to training right through our holidays anyway, it wasn’t anything new this year. My sister (Jenna) and I trained on Christmas Day and enjoyed a lovely morning run and core session which my Dad joined us on.

Many of the other synchros did the same looking at the tweets that day!

There was still plenty of time to see the family and friends during the break as well.

I planned my training sessions so I had the day off on New Years Day as I knew the HPC would be closed.

As I live close to Aldershot I could still use the centre for training which was very handy. My training buddies through the break were Vicki Lucass and my sister Jenna.

We were accompanied once on a six-mile run around Virginia Water Lake by my boyfriend Tom and Jenna’s boyfriend Matt . It was a very beautiful run although we did set off at 4:30 pm so it got dark quite quickly and towards the end of the run we couldn’t really see much!

  I also attended a charity event during the
  holidays called ‘The Everyman’s Ball’. It was
  organised by two of my friends and the
  charity raises money for male cancer so it’s
  such a great cause.

  There was an auction and live music, it was
  a lovely evening. One of the boys who
  organised the event is also running the
  Marathon for Everyman.

  He runs the Marathon each year for charity
  and if anyone could donate even just a small
  amount it would be hugely appreciated, it’s
  for such a great cause and helps so many
  men. You can follow this link for more info -

As soon as 2012 came you could tell all of the synchro girls were so excited and you could feel the buzz when we returned to training in Aldershot!

We got back to the Centre on the 5th January and it was the first Pink Thursday of the year so that put an extra excitement and Olympic spirit into our first training session back!

Lots of people are now joining in on Pink Thursday (our countdown to London 2012 by wearing pink all day on the first Thursday of the month) on Twitter which is amazing to see and really gets you excited for the year to come, it’s great to see so many people and athletes taking part (including British kayaker Kristian Reeves, right) in this day and really shows they're supporting the Olympics and are getting excited for it.

Our first competition of the year is in February for the Spanish Winter Nationals in Barcelona. There we will be showcasing our brand new Olympic routines to the world for the first time in competition!

After that we have the Test Event in April in the Olympic pool, then the senior Europeans in May in Eindhoven and then the Olympic Games!

When you’re younger it feels like such a big competition and when you win that medal for Solo, Duet or Team it’s just the best feeling.

While Barcelona will be our first competition, when we got back from training camp in Fort Lauderdale in November we went to the British Gas National Age Groups and did an exhibition performance of our new routines.

It was lovely to perform to our clubs and to get feedback from old coaches, swimmers and judges.

I have many fond memories of competing at the National Age Groups. I loved swimming for my club Rushmoor and being part of the age group teams, when you’re younger it feels like such a big competition and when you win that medal for Solo, Duet or Team it’s just the best feeling.

CLICK HERE to follow Asha on Twitter.

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