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Transition Time with Asha Randall - family ties

Transition Time is a collection of regular blogs offering insight into your favourite synchro athletes. Here world championship finalist Asha Randall shares her creative flair, her early experiences with the discipline and living up to a family legacy in her first regular blog-spot on swimming.org

When I was younger I did ballet, a lot of ballet. But at the same time I loved the water. My sisters started synchro at our local club, Rushmoor, and when I was old enough I wanted to start. It made sense. It met in the middle between ballet and the water.

We work so hard that another thing is that you feel tired all time and never feeling like your fit enough. Oh and you can never quite get rid of the swimming pool smell so I constantly smell of chlorine!

I have loved the sport ever since that time and my sisters, Tia and Jenna, have definitely influenced me, especially when I was younger. I would look at them at international competitions and hear their stories from GB camps and desperately want to be the same.

As I got older the competition element kicked in more. As soon as I was centralised with the senior squad, I used Jenna as a competition marker, especially in our speed sessions. I always had to be faster! 

Because Tia and Jenna made an impact on British Synchro and turned the Randall name into one to watch, I became more determined than ever to follow in their footsteps.

In some ways I think like my sisters. We all love being creative and thinking of original choreography - I love the creative side of synchro and being able to express your emotions in a routine.

We also pick things up very quickly so this helps us be time efficient in the training sessions. My sisters are very important to me.

The High Performance Centre (HPC) is also so important to me. It is such an amazing opportunity that I have been given to be able to train full-time at the HPC with the great team of coaches and EIS staff we have access to.

Training full-time has enabled me to concentrate fully on my sport so I can put all of my energy into improving my performance and our world ranking. I know we are all determined to be there at London 2012 in front of a home crowd.

I even made the decision to stop my education after my AS Levels because I wanted to trial for the senior squad. It was quite a big step for me as I was not completely certain I’d make the team.

I have also had to sacrifice my social life a little because training full-time is so intense. I just want to sleep and eat at the end of the day. We do have Sundays off, so I catch up with my friends then. A general day for me now at the HPC is a lot like this:

  • 7am - 8am: land base training, mobilisation, core and stretching.
  • 8am - 12.30pm: synchro based training including speed sessions, technical skills and physical synchro sets.
  • 14.30pm - 17.00pm: synchro corrections and more physical sets.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays the training day also includes two hours of gym work which generally sees us working on flexibility, weight training and gymnastic-based exercises.

There are a lot of things that changed in my life when I joined the HPC and change is always difficult to get used to. The biggest shock for me was the hours and getting up really early! We work so hard that another thing is that you feel tired all time and never feeling like you are fit enough. Oh and you can never quite get rid of the swimming pool smell so I constantly smell of chlorine!

European Champs 2016