Bulk discounts on job posting

Advertising & Offers

Bulk discounts are available on Gold package job advertising only on Careers in Aquatics. It is not available for Silver or Bronze, although we do have special offers occasionally for these packages. Check out live offers here.

Our discounts on the Gold package offer employers substantial opportunities to lower recruitment costs across the financial year.

  1. Choose from 5 options – the more you book, the greater the discount
  2. Save up to 40% on individual rates!

Bulk Discounts: Rates

QuantityStandard PriceBulk PriceDiscount
5 Credits£995£746.2525%
10 Credits£1,990£1,492.5025%
20 Credits£3,980£2,786.0030%
30 Credits£5,970£3,880.5035%
50 Credits£9,950£5,970.0040%


  • One credit = one listing for up to one month’s duration. For longer durations, subsequent months are charged at half a credit each
  • Credits are valid for up to 12 months

Bulk Discounts: Booking

To discuss or book any of our Gold package discounts please contact us directly.