Go Swimming has everything you need to know about swimming. If you are a parent, a non swimmer or just want to improve your technique this is the section for you.

In British Swimming you will find information about the world of high performance sport, including the disciplines of Swimming, Diving, Synchronised Swimming, Water Polo and Para-Swimming.

The ASA is the governing body for the sport in England. In this section you will find all you need to know about joining a club or competing in England and becoming a swimming teacher or coach.

The IoS delivers the ASA’s courses and is a member organisation. Whether you are a teacher, coach, employer or club you will find everything you need to know about qualifications or educating your workforce.

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General tips

Questions to consider

ask your own questions at a job interviewTowards the end of your interview, there will be an opportunity for you to ask questions of your interviewers.

It is a chance to learn more about the role and check that it is a right match for you.

Make sure you prepare a few questions in advance – by not asking anything you could give the impression you’re not overly interested.

Be careful though - don't ask a question which has already been answered during the interview. Also, don't ask a question

While you may have some questions which spring to mind before or during the interview, here are a few areas and questions you might want to consider.


  • Why are you recruiting for this role?
  • What happened to the previous incumbent or is it a new position?
  • How regularly will there be appraisals and performance reviews?
  • What hours and days will you be typically required to work?

Swimming Teacher

  • What size group will you be teaching and is this likely to change?
  • How many other teachers work at the school / centre?
  • How much freedom will there be to plan lessons?
  • Does the school / centre invest in training? How much scope is there for professional development and support?
  • Will the role involve teaching across the board from child to adult and, if not, will this be a possibility in the future?

Swimming Coach

  • Ask about the club's targets and expectations for the next few years. How many national qualifying times are they aiming to achieve?
  • Are they hoping to increase the number of competitive teams at the club?
  • How much support does the club have in terms of local funding and volunteer support?
  • What links does the club have with local schools?
  • Does the club feed into any other larger clubs in the area?


  • Find out how busy you're going to be! How many shifts will you be doing a week? How senior are the other lifeguards who work there? What lifesaving equipment do they have at the pool?
  • How busy does the pool get? Ideally, you will have visited the pool a number of times yourself so will know a bit about the centre already.
  • Will their be scope for promotion? Is pool centre management something you're interested in? If so, make it clear that you'd like to develop your career within the centre and eventually take on more responsibilities.
  • Are the teachers and coaches trained in lifesaving as well?