About the ASA County Team Champs

Luke Gunning National County Team Champs

Welcome to the ASA County Team Champs website – your home for everything related to the Inter Counties. It’s such a great event we thought it demanded its own website!

The County Team Champs is always a fun, colourful and competitive event played out in front of a packed house in Sheffield’s Ponds Forge. So we’ve developed a Hub to match that.

This year’s event will take place on Sunday 23 October 2016. It kicks off the competitive short course season for many of the swimmers taking part and you can keep up with it all here.

More than 900 swimmers will compete from 36 counties with races going on in two pools at the same time.

So, whether you’re competing, travelling to the event as a coach or volunteer, or just taking an interest, why not immerse yourself in all things Intercounties here?

What can you find on the County Team Champs website?

  • Leave a message of support for your favourite county or swimmer
  • Watch the action unfold on our live streams
  • Find out who are the top swimmers taking part
  • Read up on everything you need to know if you’re travelling to the event
  • Check out who has ruled the roost in past Champs


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