Find your nearest English diving clubs

Diving clubs page shows diving coach chatting with students.

Diving clubs are not just for experienced divers. Many clubs teach the basic Flip n Fun levels and Learn to Dive grades so you don’t have to be the next Tom Daley to join.

There are 164 ASA registered diving clubs across England. They offering coaching, the chance to develop and progress along the England Programmes Diving Talent Pathway, and the opportunity to compete at local, regional or national level.

Find local ASA registered diving clubs

Finding local ASA registered diving clubs is the first way to getting in to diving, but how do you find them?

There are two main ways you can find out diving club details:

  1. Ask us at the ASA about it! Let us do the hard work for you, just fill out the form below and our Aquatic Officers will do the rest. They will find out some useful information for you and get back in touch within five days.
  2. Search Poolfinder for diving clubs local to you. Once you have found one simply give the pool a call and find out more details about the diving club. You will need to complete an advanced search on Poolfinder (just below the search button) to find the ASA registered diving clubs local to you.

If you just fancy a few more details about diving or what a diving club would do in their training, etc then feel free to fill out the form below and we will gather some information for you. You don’t have to just be looking for a diving club in your area.


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