Getting into diving in England

Getting into diving page shows an image of an ASA National Age Group competitor completes his dive.

Getting into diving is easy and children can be introduced at an early age, during swimming lessons following the ASA Learn to Swim Framework.

There are also diving clubs around the country so no matter what age there are opportunities for getting into diving.

Kids getting into diving

Once a swimmer has reached Stage 7 of the ASA Learn to Swim Pathway, they are encouraged to take part in different aquatic disciplines to develop their basic skills.

Learning to dive – the first steps

Stages 8, 9 and 10 of the Framework for diving, also known as Flip n Fun, involve an introduction to the basics of diving including exercises to introduce body control, rotation, tension and the feel for the water and the pool environment.

The programme is delivered by a skilled Flip n Fun teacher and involves jumps and dives from the poolside as well as fun shapes and rotations in the water.

Flip n Fun awards.

There are three Flip n Fun awards, a Pool Diving Skills award and two Dryland Diving Skills award.

The stages are outlined below.

ASA Learn to Swim Framework Stages 8-10

Stage 8 outcomes

  • Perform a sequence of three jumps and on the third, rotate around the vertical axis all, to be performed in waist deep water
  • Push and glide into a forward tucked somersault and finish in upright position
  • Push and glide into a forward somersault pike and finish in upright position
  • Push and glide on front, and perform a ½ twist onto back
  • Perform a sitting pike line up on pool deck (dry land skill progression)
  • Perform a sitting dive with hands grabbed

Stage 9 outcomes

By the end of Stage 9, divers should have reached six outcomes relating to starts:

  • Forward jump straight
  • Forward jump tuck
  • Forward tuck roll from poolside
  • Forward pike fall line up from poolside, hands grabbed throughout
  • Push and glide on back into ½ twist onto front – hands grabbed throughout
  • Back jump straight

Stage 10 outcomes

By the end of Stage 10, divers should have reached nine outcomes relating to relay takeovers:

  • Forward jump straight, with arm swing
  • Forward jump tuck, with arm swing
  • Crouch forward dive with hands grabbed above head to start
  • Back push and glide into back circle
  • Back tuck roll from poolside
  • Back jump tuck

Diving progression

The ASA also has a Diving Badge Scheme, consisting of badges 1-7, which develop diving shapes and skills and includes the introduction of diving boards.

These are delivered by a qualified diving coach and can be completed following Flip n Fun, or as a first introduction to diving after the Learn to Swim Pathway. Find the outcomes of the seven diving awards here.

Diving Awards 1-3 example certificates and badges

Examples of the diving awards you could earn at your club

Where can you go diving?

If you are interested in getting into diving then either:

Adults’ getting into diving

If you fancy a new challenge why not give diving a go? You don’t have to start on the 10m board, there are 1m and 5m options to start you off.

Diving isn’t just for the young or the elite, it can be done by many different people of varied strength and ability. The ASA have sessions for beginners and people who have never dived before.

Click here to read an interview with Masters diver Mark Woodward, who was inspired to take up the sport by his son and Commonwealth medallist Freddie.

Don’t worry, you won’t be expected to dive off the 10m board on your first session, lessons will start on poolside and progress on to the boards as you your confidence levels rise.

Diving is great for improving flexibility, core strength and posture and is an excellent sport to give a go if you fancy a new challenge. So if you want a bit more excitement in the pool then give diving a try.

Finding a diving club in your area is easy. Simply contact the Masters Officer and find out more details about diving clubs in your area. Start your new challenge today!


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