White tells English divers to 'be themselves' on Gold Coast

Team England’s divers have been told to just ‘be yourself’ when competing on the Gold Coast.

Kim White, the performance manager for the diving team, is hoping the 13 world-class athletes taking part in the Commonwealth Games diving will treat it just like any other event.

“We’ll tell the athletes just be yourself,” said Kim. “It might have more hype and media attention but it’s exactly the same as any other competition.

“I think we have a good shot on the Gold Coast. When it comes to events like the Olympic Games, it’s Team GB but this is split to England, the strongest team in GB, three divers from Scotland and one from Wales.

“For the last four years, we have been ranked second or third in the world, so we’re very highly ranked in the Commonwealth and very well respected.

“We’ve got 13 world-class athletes. The ones that are going for the first time have competed on the world stage already, they’ve just not done a Commonwealth Games.”

White said all the divers are fully prepared for the four days of competition, which begins on 11 April.

“All the athletes have either been to the Gold Coast for a training camp or competition” he said. “If they haven’t, they’ve been to other outdoor venues.

“It’s quite unique. The biggest challenge for outdoor is the weather but also the spotting an the blue sky. In an indoor pool, you just see the blue water. But in an outdoor pool, you see the blue water and the blue sky. So you have to know exactly where you are to avoid an accident.”

Kim White has been involved with diving for more than 46 years as a diver, coach, volunteer, judge and team leader