About Disability Swimming Clubs

Ideally, children with disabilities should be getting the same opportunities as non-disabled swimmers as part of a mainstream swimming club.

But there are also disability swimming clubs that specialise in working with swimmers with disabilities for recreational purposes only. The choice is yours.

At a mainstream swimming club your child will get all the support, advice and training he or she needs to improve to compete. You might even end up the parent or guardian of the next British Paralympic champion.

However, if competing isn't your end goal then a disability swimming club is a great way for your child to develop an interest, make friends and have fun.

  • Use our Pool Finder to track down your nearest swimming club. Clubs can be found at the bottom of the full pool data.
  • Don't forget to ask if they are swim21 accredited. This is the ASA’s quality mark and recognises nationally and regionally the clubs that are committed to providing safe, effective and quality services for your child.

Hub Clubs

Track down the nearest centre for your child with our interactive map in the Talent ID section of the ASA website here.A great first point of contact are a network of specialist Hub Clubs. These are local swimming clubs that work in partnership with the ASA to provide an assessment opportunity for swimmers with a disability.

During the assessment session swimmers will be asked to complete basic swim skills and assessment tasks to determine their ability level.

After the initial assessment, swimmers will be directed to the appropriate swimming provision best suited to their needs.

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