Joining a Swimming Club

Do you have a competitive streak? Then join a club to up your training and achieve your goals.

If you enjoy swimming and want to start taking things a bit more seriously the best thing for you to do is join a club.

But it's not all about swimming, there’s also a fantastic social side to swimming clubs.

With so many clubs around the country, you’ll be able to find one to suit your standard and age. Even if you don’t swim, you could help as a volunteer outside the pool.

Finding a good swimming club

  1. Go to our Pool Finder and search. Clubs operating in England will appear with the pool information. Visit the Scottish Swimming or Welsh Swimming websites for clubs outside England.
  2. You can also find clubs by region in our ASA zone here
  3. Find out as much as you can about the club, what it is aiming for and who runs it. Check it has swim21 accreditation (see below). If the club is not part of the scheme, then ask them why. It may be that the club needs more support with management, teaching, coaching and officiating and you could help!

Masters Swimming

If you are at school and want more information on joining a swimming club you need our Under-16s' section.Masters swimming is basically a swimming club for people over 25.

There is casual fitness swimming available, as well as organised competitions - although there is no pressure to compete.

People get involved in Masters to improve their health and fitness, motivate themselves with competitive swimming and to have fun making friends with like-minded people.

What is Swim21 Club Accreditiation

It's the ASA 'quality mark' and shows the club is committed to helping athletes, teachers, coaches and administrators to continually improve and reach their full potential.

Specifically it means:

  • The club’s coaches/teachers and volunteers are appropriately qualified.
  • The club is offering suitable opportunities to encourage you or your child to achieve potential
  • Visit Clubs and Members in the ASA zone for more details on swim21 accreditation