Swimming and Other Water Sports

Once you can swim a whole host of water sports become available to you. Learn more in our swimming and water sports section.

Whether you give them a go just for fun, or become a serious athlete, once you start there’ll be no stopping you!

Swimming and canoeing

A canoe is a type of boat that ranges in size from being small enough for one person to sit or kneel inside to fitting up to several people sitting down. A paddle is used to propel the canoe along a river, lake or in the sea.

Swimming and surfing

Surfing is a sport where you stand on a surfboard and ride the crest of a wave (usually in the sea) back to the shore. You’ll need to be fit to surf as it’s pretty intense!

Swimming and water-skiing

Water skiing is exactly how it sounds – you’re wearing a pair of special skis and you glide across the surface of the water. You’ll be pulled by a boat usually, or sometimes by cables.

Swimming and wind surfing

Windsurfing is a cross between surfing and sailing. A board has a lightweight sail on it, that is able to swing round, allowing the person on the board (called a sailor) to catch a wind and propel them.

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