Swimming and Water Skiing

Water-skiing is a great holiday sport. But if you can’t swim you’ll be left on the beach. Learn to swim today.

Water skiing is exactly how it sounds – you’re wearing a pair of special skis and you glide across the surface of the water.

You’ll be pulled by a boat usually, or sometimes by cables, but you may not be in the water at all if you can't swim.

Swimming level needed

There are usually three people involved during a water skiing outing – the person driving the boat, the skier and an observer. The observer (or spotter) tells the boat driver if (and when!) the skier falls into the water.

If you’d like to try water skiing then you should already know how to swim and be confident in the water as it is quite likely that you’ll fall in at some point!

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Then give it a go! If you’re up for a challenge and fancy trying out water skiing, visit the British water ski and wakeboard website to learn more.