Women-Only Swimming

Women-only swimming sessions are all about getting in the pool and enjoying yourself. If you are a mother you can even take the kids.

In women-only swimming sessions there’s no need to be self-conscious or nervous as you’ll find a ready-made support network waiting for you.

Whether you’re looking to keep in shape or make friends, women-only swimming is a fun way to do both.

Because many women prefer to cover up for religious reasons, women-only swimming is also a great way to exercise within these needs.

Make it happen

With a quick phone call to your nearest pool you can find out when your next women-only swimming session is, and perhaps bring a friend or family member along.

  • Search for your local pool with our Pool Finder. You can filter for local pools offering aqua fitness sessions.

Taking the children

A lot of pools allow young children into women-only swimming sessions as well, so mums can have a fun day out with the kids.

There are several family games to play in the pool  in our parents section that are suitable for all ages and abilities, meaning you can get fit and have fun!