Choosing Swimwear For Men

With just shorts or trunks, you might think there’s not much to choose from, but read on for advice on choosing men’s swimwear to suit any shape.

Tall and athletic

Anything will do. Just choose a nice colour to match your skin tone.

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Usually the brief style will do the trick. Go for a high leg cut to make legs look longer and a low waistband to show off those abs. Avoid long and extra long shorts.

Tall and thin

Baggy shorts are best. Make sure you don’t overdo the bagginess or you risk becoming swamped by them.

Tall and big

Long shorts in one solid colour will look best. If you want patterned swimwear, choose small patterns and keep the colours toned down.

Big tummy

Again wear a solid colour – patterns will just accentuate. And remember you can cover up any flabby bits by wearing a tee shirt if you feel uncomfortable.

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