Teenage lifeguard makes national news

27 January 2014

Teenage lifeguard Lauryn Deverson has made national news after her quick-thinking to save a man’s life were caught on CCTV.

Click here for more information on becoming a lifeguard.The 18-year old - who was 17 at the time of the incident - saw a 60-year old man struggling at Fulwood Leisure Centre in Preston and dived in to help him to the side of the pool.

“I was walking up and down and I saw him,” Deverson told the Lancashire Evening Post.

“I wondered what he was doing at first so I kept a close eye on him, I noticed her was struggling and took action.

“He was flapping his arms and started to panic. I threw in the torpedo buoy but he couldn’t reached it - then I just jumped in.

“The other person on the other side raised the emergency alarm and everybody got to the incident.

“It all happened so quickly, I was in shock afterwards. Instinct just took over.”

  • Lifeguards are an integral part of the staff at a swimming pool and the role is nearly always offered on a flexible part-time basis. Click here for more information on becoming a lifeguard.
  • The ASA also runs a Rookie Lifeguard award for Under 16s in conjunction with the Royal Lifesaving Society UK. Click here to learn more about the ASA's Certificates and Badges.
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