Inspirational swimmer sheds 10st

13th April 2012

Inspirational Jacky Pearce was more than 22st when she made a life-changing decision to shed almost half her body weight, and when surgery left her virtually immobile, swimming came to her rescue.

With a family history of illness, Jacky knew it was time to take action. “I wanted to lose weight for health reasons rather than looks," she said. "Heart disease, stroke, diabetes and cancer all run in my family and I was putting myself at massive risk of all these.”

By joining the Weight Watchers programme, Jacky lost an incredible 8st and with a goal weight of just over 12st she feels confident about reaching her target.

“The doctor and I agreed that the healthiest weight I can be for my 5’7” height and muscular build is 12 stone 4lb, so it will be a 10 stone loss by the time I finish. I’m not too far away; come summer I’ll be there.”

After losing so much weight, Jacky decided to introduce regular exercise into her regime. But following surgery at the end of 2011, she became virtually immobile for 6 weeks and had to find a way to exercise despite this set back.

Jacky said, “I had knee surgery for osteoarthritis and I wasn’t allowed to drive or do much at all for six weeks.  After that I was allowed to do a little light exercise, so swimming seemed perfect to me.  I could tone my arms and legs after the weight loss, get aerobic exercise, but also rest my operated leg if necessary.”

To start your own journey with swimming sign up to British Gas Swimfit today.As well as the obvious health benefits, swimming also provided Jacky with an additional boost.

“I feel closer to my grandmother because she was a champion swimmer and she died when I was seven,” she said. “My cousin is quite proud of me for going swimming, especially as I was worried I’d see people I might know when I first started going”.

The healthy combination of Weight Watchers meals and frequent swim sessions in the pool have really helped Jacky in her bid to get fit and she would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to lose weight.

“Swimming is non-weight bearing, it helps increase metabolism and is aerobic so it’s excellent for helping with weight loss. It’s also social, if you go with a friend you’re more likely to go as you won’t want to let your friend down.” Jacky said.

Following her incredible success, Jacky plans to push her limits even further:  “One day, I’d love to run the London marathon, although I think I’m still a very long way from that one yet!” She added: “I think something like the Big Splash Mile for Sport Relief would be great for me to work towards and give me something to focus on when I’m swimming.”

Jacky Pearce’s inspirational story serves as proof that with the right amount of dedication and will power anything is possible.

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