Payne launches specialist open water facility

4 June 2014

Olympic silver medallist and two-time world champion Keri-anne Payne helped launch starter sessions at the new specialist open water facilities at the Helix Lagoon in Falkirk.

Payne was promoting Scottish Swimming’s ‘Come and Try’ sessions to celebrate the launch of the facility.

Scottish Swimming chief executive Forbes Dunlop said: “The Helix is a fantastic new venue which is perfect for open water swimming.

"We know there is growing demand for such [open water] facilities which provide a safe environment for the public to take the plunge," - Forbes Dunlop“Athletes like Keri-anne have given the sport considerable profile since its inclusion in the Olympics in 2008 and we know there is growing demand for such facilities, which provide a safe environment for the public to take the plunge.

“Coach-led sessions are a great way for people to get into the sport and enjoy swimming with likeminded people in this unique facility.”

“Open water swimming has all the health benefits of indoor swimming, such as developing cardiovascular fitness and muscle strength as well as improving flexibility, coordination and boosting energy levels,” added Scottish Swimming director of development Sharon MacDonald.

“It is an excellent activity for weight control and stamina building.

“Because swimming does not impact on the joints like running and similar exercises, it is good for people with back or joint problems, who may not be comfortable with land based exercise.”

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Open water swimming is one of the fastest growing sports in the country. If you're looking to challenge yourself away from the pool then open water swimming is the perfect way to take your swimming in a new direction.

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