Shocking school swimming stats revealed

23rd May 2013

New research from the ASA has revealed more than half of children aged seven to 11 cannot swim the length of a 25 metre swimming pool unaided.

The ASA report, Learning the Lesson : The Future of School Swimming, surveyed 3,501 primary schools on how many of their children have attained Key Stage 2 swimming requirements and the results suggest more than 1.1 million primary school children will break up for half-term next week unable to be safe in and around water.

The report, the largest ever investigation into the state of school swimming, found that schools are not achieving anywhere near the recommended level of delivery time.

The average state school pupil spends just eight hours and 15 minutes a year in swimming lessons at school, which is far less than the 22 hours the Department for Education recommends in the current National Curriculum.

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