Beach Safety

The sea is great fun to swim in but holds a lot of dangers. Ensure you remain safe on the beach with our beach safety guide.

Check out the video at the top of the page with Ross from the Royal National Lifeguard Institute (RNLI) and his top tips for staying safe by the beach.Here’s a short story about Jasmine and her best friend (that’s you):

You arrive at the beach ready to show off your new swimming costume and tunes on your MP3 player. The sun is out and everyone’s having fun. Some of your friends are already in the sea, while others play with a Frisbee. But where is Jasmine, your best friend?

"She was here a minute ago," says Andy as he dodges a frisbee. Suddenly everyone looks worried and shouts her name. No response. You look out to sea and can just about make out a waving arm in the distance. You dial 999 and ask for the lifeguard – luckily there is one nearby and Jasmine is saved.

Beach safety

Because you knew what to do, your best friend didn't become one of the 450-500 people who drown in the UK every year. This is only a story, but ask yourself if you’d know what to do if your real best friend really was drowning?

Be aware that:

  • Water can be colder than you’re used to, and make you tired more quickly.
  • As Jasmine found, currents can drag you away from safety.
  • There may not be a lifeguard around the corner.

Despite the dangers you can still enjoy the water, just be prepared and sensible. To learn more about spotting the danger signs, general safety advice, and for information on how to train as a lifeguard, click on the links below.