Disability Swimming

People often say that being in the water makes them feel like everybody else. Everyone can take part in swimming.

Don't think because you have a disability you can't enjoy swimming or become a high performance athlete.

Swimming is a fantastic activity for people with disabilities or special needs. And it is by far the favourite sport of many kids with disabilities just like you.

Check out our video with Paralympian Sascha Kindred OBE on the left. He has cerebral palsy and learning to swim while he was young changed his life and boosted his confidence.

Also, here's a quote from Paralympic medallist and world champion swimmer Matthew Whorwood explaining why swimming is his sport of choice:

Swimming is great because it’s a good way to get fit without risking injury. Also, once you’re in the pool you’re the same as everyone else, any physical disabilities are irrelevant.

In this section we'll help you find out what you need to know about swimming with a disability: