Advanced Apprentice of the Year Award for Diving

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Catherine Johnson has been named as the Advanced Apprentice of the Year for Diving 2011.

Johnson was one of 102 athletes from the world of aquatics that successfully completed their unique apprenticeship, which has been designed to help young people aged 16 to 18 combine education and sport.

Whilst on the AASE programme Catherine lived in Swindon and trained in Reading but still managed her time well to excel in her diving, school work and her NVQ qualification.  

Catherine said she ‘gained a lot of confidence from the AASE programme’, so much so that when she attended a summer diving camp in the US she was approached by scouts who offered her a four year Scholarship deal at an American university.

Catherine is now planning to complete her Kinesiology degree in the US and go on to becoming a qualified PE teacher, as well as aiming to represent her country at an International level.

“Catherine’s attitude, commitment and focus is the best I have seen from an apprentice," said Talent Development Officer Rebecca Burrows.

 “Catherine took every opportunity to use AASE to help her training and gain a range of qualifications. She has been a model student and I wish her all the best of luck for her future.”


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