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Our range of apprenticeships include employed apprenticeships in teaching and coaching aquatics, to the AASE apprenticeship which is designed to equip elite athletes with the tools they need to become even more successful.

We offer two types of apprenticeships; they are the employed apprenticeships and the AASE apprenticeship.

Employed Apprenticeships

If you have an interest in aquatics and leisure and are looking for a way to start a career, our employed apprenticeship programmes are a great way to get started. We deliver these apprenticeships with major leisure industry operators and individual clubs. For more information on the different employment opportunities please select an employer from the list below.

To view our current vacancies click here.

If you are an employer and are interested in recruiting apprentices click here for more information.

Advance apprenticeship in sporting Excellence

If you are an elite athlete this is the perfect programme for you. AASE recognises the amount of work you put into your discipline with a formal qualification. The programme is built to last over two years while you are in fulltime education. You will also have the chance to go onto an offshore training camp and a national camp. You will also receive none sport related training including career and finance planning and Developing your communications skills and dealing with the media. You can find out more about AASE by clicking here

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