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The Institute of Swimming (IoS) is the premier provider of the ASA’s courses and the largest trainer of swimming teachers and coaches in England.

It is an training provider - like a school or college - and is accredited by the ASA Awarding Body to deliver a comprehensive programme of quality approved courses and continuing professional development (CPD) seminars.

Becoming a teacher or coach

We recognise that training to become a teacher or coach is a big commitment from any individual - you are starting off on a journey into a new career and we appreciate you will have lots of questions and need support along the way.  We are here to help and rest assured that as the premier trainer of teachers and coaches in the whole of the sport, the IoS is at the cutting edge of education and will work to give teaching and coaching the recognition it deserves as a career choice.

  • Click here to go to ASA Awarding Body website to view the full range of UKCC/ASA qualifications Levels 1-3 in Coaching and 1 & 2 in Teaching Aquatics together with Levels 1 & 2 Certificate for Teaching Swimming for People with Disabilities, Adult & Child, Helper, Aqua Fit,  Aquatic Fitness and the National Curriculum Training Programme for primary school teachers. 
  • Click here for a wealth of information on beginning your journey as a teacher or coach in aquatics.

Find an IoS course running in your area

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Update your skills

As a professional membership organisation, we strongly uphold the principle that all teachers and coaches should be qualified and embrace the concept of continuing professional development. It's an essential part of the life of a swimming teacher or coach - it’s so important to keep up to date with changes and developments and continue to enhance your knowledge and skills by attending further training, and of course you can’t be ASA licensed without attending regular CPD seminars.

  • Click here for a listing of all available CPD seminars
  • Click here to find an IoS CPD seminar running in your area

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