Put IoS Membership at the heart of your organisation

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Employers have a lot to gain from their individual employees being members of the premier aquatics institute. Read on to learn more.

IoS Membership for your employees can provide a range of benefits – benefits that would take your organisation to the cutting edge of teaching and coaching innovation.

IoS membership is essentially a package of benefits for teachers and coaches who hold ASA, or equivalent, qualifications in all disciplines of the sport.

The Register of Aquatic Professionals (RAPs) is an exciting new development for the aquatic industry. The Government backed independent and public Register for individuals working in the aquatic industry will certify the professionalism of employees working in the sector, whilst assuring the public and employers that registered individuals hold the relevant qualifications.

The Register has been developed by SkillsActive and in partnership with the ASA, alongside several key organisations in the industry. SkillsActive will independently own and operate the Register. Further information on RAPs can be found at http://www.aquaticregister.org .

Because of our partnership with RAPs, if you hold an IoS membership, RAPs membership will cost just £15 – that’s a saving of over 60%!

The IoS’ long term aim is to encourage you as employers to use the RAPs scheme as part of the appointment process and to move to a situation where we have a predominantly registered profession.

Contact the IoS membership department here.  Alternatively, you may wish to contact one of our team of Aquatic Officers.  Click here to access the contact details for all Aquatic Officers (AO's) across England.

You could also contact the IoS directly. Click here for IoS contact.

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