Organising an IoS course

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Essential information for pools and leisure facilities to make the arrangements for providing teacher and coach education and training.

The IoS provide a variety of ASA/UKCC accredited qualifications and a substantial range of development seminars.

As an ASA approved centre, the IoS take on all the responsibilities to provide quality assurance, quality delivery provision, site checks and all other governance as required by the ASA Awarding Body.

When a facility becomes an IoS site, there are certain requirements that the course organiser needs to be aware of, from depth of the pool to lecture facilities.

Essential facts for course organisersTo help course organisers understand the processes involved and the requirements of their site, we have produced a comprehensive guide.    Download the guide here for details of :

  • Range of qualifications
  • Development seminars
  • How to become an IoS site
  • Responsibilities of a course organiser
  • How to book a qualification
  • Course resources
  • Who's who and FAQs

If you would like more information about becoming an IoS site, or to get help and advice with any aspect of organising an IoS qualification or seminar, please contact us at or call 01509 640640.


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