How to Join the IoS

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If you are seeking to become a member of the Institute of Swimming (IoS) and enjoy all the benefits this brings read on.

If you have seen the benefits of IoS membership – and have decided that membership of the IoS is exactly what you need – then the next step is to ascertain if you are eligible.

Membership is open to holders of ASA, or equivalent, teachers and coaches certificates in all disciplines of the sport. It may also be open to holders of qualifications approved from time to time by the ASA or the RLSS as qualifying standards in connection with their teaching and coaching Awards. Learn more about acceptable qualifications.

If you fit the criteria then single membership costs £69 a year for members. We also offer joint membership for people residing at the same address and the cost for this is an additional £50.50 per member.

Overseas members pay £49.50 a year. This does not include insurance but you do receive the Swimming Times.

The IoS also offer a Retired membership which again does not include insurance but does mean you are still a member of the Institute and this costs £31.00 and includes the Swimming Times.

The annual subscription is determined by the Management Board.

If you have any questions concerning individual membership of the IoS then have a look at our dedicated Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

All Southern and Northern Ireland residents must apply directly to Swim Ireland at the following address Swim Ireland, Sport HQ, 13 Joyce Way, Park West, Dublin 12,  Ireland or email

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