AASE Camp 2010 to be held in Cyprus

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53 Athletes are heading to Cyprus at the end of the month from 24 till 29 October for the AASE Camp 2010 (Advanced Apprenticeship in Sporting Excellence).

Split into two training Camps, one at Coral Bay and one at Phaethon Beach, where they will take part in a weeks intensive training as part of their apprentice programme.

The Advanced Apprenticeship in Sporting Excellence is a two year apprenticeship programme which has been designed to meet the needs of potential elite athletes aged 16-18, who wish to pursue a career in sport and gain a qualification which validates the skills, experience and knowledge they gain during their pursuit for sporting excellence.

AASE recognises that young athletes who are interested in pursuing a professional sports career also require an educational background, knowledge and qualifications in order for them to be able to advance into other career paths at some point in their lives.

Therefore as part of the AASE programme, all athletes are required to undertake qualifications of an academic and vocational nature which will help them to gain employment following their sporting career.


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