Develop your disability awareness

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To support the inclusion of disabled people in swimming, the Institute of Swimming (IoS) provide a free online seminar which takes just one hour to complete.

With the Paralympics only months away, there will be much interest in our sport from parents, children and many others involved in some way with the disabled. Swimming is already the most popular disabled adult participation sport by far and the likes of Ellie Simmonds and Matt Walker will hopefully provide a great deal of inspiration to millions of spectators.

Now is the time to develop your own awareness in what is involved in teaching and coaching children and adults with a disability. It's a great opportunity to expand your skills and help support and encourage both participation amongst the general population and the identification of future talent.

For starters, why not complete an online workshop which provides a great introduction to disability swimming. It's FREE, takes just one hour to complete and covers best practise and how to support the inclusion of disabled people in swimming and swimming clubs. Over the coming months we will be providing  more dedicated tools and resources including a specialised toolkit to help with talent identification.

Simply register for the workshop on the IoS Online website and enter the discount code CSO152GYJ5 at the checkout.


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