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The Institute of Swimming (IoS) is pioneering the very latest in e-learning to help swimming coaches and teachers qualify in a shorter time and more easily!

Get IoS Coaching Certificates through e-learning

The IoS has joined forces with the University of East London to allow candidates taking the UK Coaching Certificate (UKCC) Level 1 course with the IoS to study for part of the qualification online. Level 1 gives successful candidates the skills to assist more qualified teachers and coaches and is the first step on the aquatic career pathway.

Candidates have already piloted the technology and the IoS is launching the e-learning facility to all of those wanting to take the Level 1 qualification with the IoS.

Spencer Moore, British Swimming’s Head of Workforce Development, said:

“The ASA has been a real trailblazer in the implementation of the UKCC qualifications and the e-learning capability is just one of a number of investments we have made into training our teachers and coaches.

Our teachers and coaches told us they would like to make more use of online services, so we have listened to them and enhanced the material at the same time. The best thing is the e-learning programme is simple and guides candidates step-by-step, so you don’t have to be really great with computers to use it.”

How to do it

Once launched, enrollment onto the e-learning UKCC Level 1 course will provide the ability to complete part of the study either at home or in the candidate’s place of work.

This means the traditional five-day IoS course can be reduced by one day, with e-learning candidates having to spend only four days in the classroom and on poolside.

Sports and Leisure Management Limited (SLM), who operates and manages a network of local leisure centres on behalf of local councils, has already spotted the potential benefit of e-learning and supplied the candidates for the pilot study.

Alan Powell, SLM’s Participation Programme Manager, said:

"As a course organizer, the e-learning system makes the course process easier.

I believe that it is also beneficial to the students as they can now have some idea of content before they actually arrive on the first day of the course which eases nerves and helps the student settle in to the forthcoming programme."

Sarah's Story

And his view is shared by Sarah Rook, who was one of the candidates on the e-learning pilot. She added:

"I found that having work to do on the computer was a great thing to have as I could go through the criteria at my own pace to ensure that I had an understanding and this helped me for when I arrived for the course.

The sections on the computer were very user friendly and set out in a simple and informative way so that it was easy to follow which was great as often when you are working by yourself if you get confused or stuck there is no-one to help."

Candidates studying online can complete six theory modules needed for the UKCC Level 1 qualification. These six modules range in length from 20 minutes to one hour so candidates can study them online in one go or in parts, with their completed sections recorded automatically via the online facility. They then complete the other practical and oral parts on the condensed IoS course.

The IoS will be informing all new and potential candidates of the e-learning options once the service is fully operation from the 1st May and will also be investigating whether it can be used for the higher level UKCC qualifications and for its own Continuing Professional Development courses. The IoS will also continue to run the complete five-day courses for those who prefer the more traditional route.

Moore added: “Ultimately we hope candidates will be able to use the online services to carry out as much of their training as they want. We even see them being able to create their very own customised portal that will take them across any of the aquatic disciplines of swimming, diving, synchronised swimming and water polo.”


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