12 Days of Christmas Swimming Challenge

Do you love trying new Masters swimming sets? Do you fancy yourself as an endurance junkie? Then this 12 Days of Christmas swimming workout could be the one for you.

A word of warning though first and foremost – this set is NOT for the faint-hearted.

A second word of warning, it’s called 12 Days of Christmas, but it’s meant to be completed in ONE DAY – set yourself at least three hours for this beast of a set! If it’s getting too tough, call it a day, do your usual recovery routine and give it another go after a couple of days’ rest.

Don’t forget to let us know how you get on.

Warm Up

There is no warm up for this set – just take each length steady and don’t overdo it. This is a marathon (of sorts), not a sprint. Just getting to the finish line is an achievement.

Main Set

  • Start off with one 25m length, swimming a stroke of your choice.
  • Swim two lengths (50m), take a short break, then one length (25m), again in a stroke of your choice.
  • Swim three lengths (75m), take a short break, then two lengths (50m), a break, then one length (25m), using a stroke of your choice.
  • Now swim four length (100m), three lengths (75m), two lengths (50m) and one length (25m). You can see where we’re going with this!
  • Continue this pattern until you start off with 12 lengths (300m in a 25m pool), then 11 lengths, then 10 lengths all the way down to one last length.

Cool Down

  • Having swum 9100m, we’re guessing you’re ready just to drag yourself out of the pool. Give yourself a pat on the back and help yourself to an extra portion of Christmas Dinner! You’ve earned it.