ASA National Masters Conference 2014

The first ASA National Masters Conference 2014.

On 1 November the first ASA National Masters Conference will be held at Sportpark in Loughborough, It’s a ‘sell out’ event, but as we would like as many Masters to contribute as possible, we will be running a Live Blog during the conference allowing you to ask questions.
Click here to ask a speaker a question at the Masters Conference.

How the Live Blog works

Below you will find the timetable and a Disqus community board to ask questions. Answers will appear on the Live Blog pageWe will be monitoring your comments and questions on the board throughout the day. You can ask a question about any of the subjects covered at the event listed below.

A volunteer at the conference will try and answer your questions as they arise in each person’s speech. Please ask your questions at the start of each session – times listed below. If time goes over we will have to move onto the next session’s questions.

Please bear in mind there is a lot to get through in one day and it may be impossible to answer everyone’s questions. It would also be useful if you could keep your questions and comments constructive and to the point.

Speaker 1 – Steve Bratt, Head Coach, Otter Swim Club, 10.15 am.
Steve will be explaining how to grow a successful masters Club based on his experience at Otter. Planning and developing and implementing a comprehensive program to ALL members of your club. Swimmer/coach relationships. Ascertaining and helping to achieve individual goals and aspirations. Motivation. Establish strong technique and constant evaluation. Relevant CPD for coaches for Masters programs. Understanding ageing in swimmers. Lane organisation and etiquette. Team building. Pool time. Progressive individual (swimmers and coaches) improvement. Camps. Competitions. Social. Liaison with bodies (clubs, UNI’s etc) for future recruitment.

  • Do you have any questions for Steve? Please post them by 10.45am

Speaker 2 – Maggie Kelly, Chief Coach, Nottingham Leander and Masters British Record holder,11.15am.
Maggie will talk about her transition from elite swimming into Masters, how she got involved and how masters gave her the motivation to come out of retirement and enjoy the sport again. How she learned to respect Masters and how that respect has grown as she has got older helping us understand how other people may see Masters Swimming. Also how this understanding has helped her encourage younger club swimmers into Masters without making them feel it is a downward step.

  • Do you have any questions for Maggie? Please post them by 11.45am

Focus Groups from 1.30pm
The afternoon will be dedicated to discussing the broader issues facing Masters today and helping to plan a way forward. These issues will be split into seven focus groups:

  1. Masters Image & Marketing
  2. Masters Coaching
  3. Newsletter & Website
  4. Competition Management
  5. Volunteers & Officials
  6. Non- competitive Masters
  7. What support/information do Masters need?

These focus groups will cover anything in these subjects so please feel free to make suggestions and ask questions below and we will post answers on the Live Blog page.

Summary & open discussion 4.00pm
This is your chance to ask general questions about anything that has not already been covered. Again we only have 30mins and so it would be impossible to cover everything related to Masters in this time.

However we will endeavour to make sure the Conference is summarised and an article appears on the website within two weeks to allow everyone to understand what has been discussed and agreed.


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