Get ready for the T-30 Challenge

Entries for the Swim England T-30 Challenge are now open, and you can submit your time to see if you can become the 2017 national champion.

The T-30 Challenge is really simple and has one ultimate goal – to find out who can swim the furthest in 30 minutes. It is a totally unique challenge and open to everyone living in Great Britain aged 18 and over.

There are lots of ways to judge your performance. You can aim to beat your own personal best time or see how your performance changes year on year. You can also compare your time with other swimmers in your age group and try to beat your peers.

The coveted national title is the final way to measure your prowess. By achieving this accolade, you can proudly proclaim you have managed to swim the furthest distance in Britain over 30 minutes. This leaves you unparalleled in the T-30 arena.

One of the best things about The T-30 Challenge is the flexibility. You can complete it at any pool you like, any time before the 13 December 2017. You can also have as many practice runs as you like before you submit your time.

  • Click here to submit your distance swum for the T30 Challenge.

Join forces and take on the team challenge

If you don’t want to take on the challenge alone, or you would like to add both notches to your belt, there is also the team challenge. As you would expect, the team challenge is exactly the same principle, but with the addition of other swimmers.

Get together with friends, family or colleagues and see how far you can swim collectively. Teams must be either four men, four women, or mixed with two male and two female.

If you would like to get an idea of the times which won the event in previous years, you can check out all of the past T-30 Challenge results here.