Grant Turner’s gym workouts for swimmers

Grant Turner. Get fitter with Grant Turner's gym exercises for swimmers.

If you are looking for gym workouts for swimmers then who better to guide you than London 2012 Olympian Grant Turner.

Grant has put together a range of his favourite gym routines with easy, intermediate, and advanced options.

From a Barbell Military Press to Wide Grip Lat Pull Downs here are Grant’s favourite gym workouts for swimmers.


Cupar Trophy Past Winners

2014 - Spencer Swim Team
2013 - Spencer Swim Team
2012 - Otter / Birmingham Masters
2011 - Spencer Swim Team
2010 - Ren 96
2009 - Spencer Swim Team
2008 - Otter
2007 - Spencer Swim Team
2006 - Spencer Swim Team
1988 - Motherwell Masters

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