Masters National Championships Qualifying Times

To compete in an event, you need to have at least equalled the Masters National Championships qualifying time for that event.

Your time must be from the past 24 months and must be recorded in the British rankings database.

Click here to download the qualifying times for the 2017 Championships in PDF format or use the widgets below to search for particular times.

Just type an age group (for example, 18-24, 35-39 or 50-54) or an event (50m Free, 100m Breast, 200m Fly, 100m IM) into the search bar to filter the qualifying times displayed.

Women’s Qualifying Times

Age Group
18-2450m Free00:39.8
25-2950m Free00:39.8
30-3450m Free00:39.8
35-3950m Free00:40.1
40-4450m Free00:41.0
45-4950m Free00:42.5
50-5450m Free00:44.4
55-5950m Free00:46.4
60-6450m Free00:48.6
65-6950m Free00:51.0
70-7450m Free00:54.1
75-7950m Free00:58.7
80-8450m Free01:06.3
85-8950m Free01:19.4
18-24100m Free01:26.7
25-29100m Free01:26.7
30-34100m Free01:27.3
35-39100m Free01:28.9
40-44100m Free01:31.5
45-49100m Free01:34.8
50-54100m Free01:38.5
55-59100m Free01:42.5
60-64100m Free01:47.0
65-69100m Free01:52.8
70-74100m Free02:00.9
75-79100m Free02:13.5
80-84100m Free02:34.1
85-89100m Free03:08.7
18-24200m Free03:14.3
25-29200m Free03:14.3
30-34200m Free03:15.3
35-39200m Free03:15.7
40-44200m Free03:18.4
45-49200m Free03:24.4
50-54200m Free03:33.3
55-59200m Free03:44.7
60-64200m Free03:57.8
65-69200m Free04:12.8
70-74200m Free04:31.3
75-79200m Free04:56.4
80-84200m Free05:34.5
85-89200m Free06:36.9
18-24400m Free06:49.8
25-29400m Free06:49.8
30-34400m Free06:49.3
35-39400m Free06:47.8
40-44400m Free06:52.5
45-49400m Free07:05.1
50-54400m Free07:25.1
55-59400m Free07:50.6
60-64400m Free08:19.8
65-69400m Free08:52.6
70-74400m Free09:31.8
75-79400m Free10:25.0
80-84400m Free11:47.5
85-89400m Free14:07.5
18-24800m Free13:52.1
25-29800m Free13:52.1
30-34800m Free13:56.9
35-39800m Free14:00.7
40-44800m Free14:10.9
45-49800m Free14:31.1
50-54800m Free15:02.8
55-59800m Free15:46.3
60-64800m Free16:40.8
65-69800m Free17:45.8
70-74800m Free19:02.0
75-79800m Free20:35.3
80-84800m Free22:44.3
85-89800m Free26:20.1
18-241500m Free26:25.3
25-291500m Free26:25.3
30-341500m Free26:37.0
35-391500m Free26:53.0
40-441500m Free27:25.7
45-491500m Free28:19.8
50-541500m Free29:36.1
55-591500m Free31:13.6
60-641500m Free33:11.3
65-691500m Free35:30.2
70-741500m Free38:16.0
75-791500m Free41:44.2
80-841500m Free46:26.4
85-891500m Free53:25.6
18-2450m Breast00:50.6
25-2950m Breast00:50.6
30-3450m Breast00:51.5
35-3950m Breast00:52.3
40-4450m Breast00:53.5
45-4950m Breast00:55.2
50-5450m Breast00:57.8
55-5950m Breast01:01.0
60-6450m Breast01:04.7
65-6950m Breast01:08.6
70-7450m Breast01:12.6
75-7950m Breast01:17.1
80-8450m Breast01:24.4
85-8950m Breast01:42.4
18-24100m Breast01:48.3
25-29100m Breast01:48.3
30-34100m Breast01:49.1
35-39100m Breast01:50.9
40-44100m Breast01:54.7
45-49100m Breast02:00.2
50-54100m Breast02:06.7
55-59100m Breast02:13.3
60-64100m Breast02:19.8
65-69100m Breast02:27.2
70-74100m Breast02:37.3
75-79100m Breast02:53.4
80-84100m Breast03:18.5
85-89100m Breast03:49.7
18-24200m Breast03:49.9
25-29200m Breast03:49.9
30-34200m Breast03:48.1
35-39200m Breast03:51.4
40-44200m Breast04:01.3
45-49200m Breast04:15.8
50-54200m Breast04:31.0
55-59200m Breast04:43.8
60-64200m Breast04:53.9
65-69200m Breast05:05.8
70-74200m Breast05:27.5
75-79200m Breast06:09.7
80-84200m Breast07:18.8
85-89200m Breast08:13.9
18-2450m Back00:42.9
25-2950m Back00:42.9
30-3450m Back00:43.6
35-3950m Back00:45.1
40-4450m Back00:46.7
45-4950m Back00:48.1
50-5450m Back00:49.6
55-5950m Back00:51.6
60-6450m Back00:54.3
65-6950m Back00:58.4
70-7450m Back01:04.4
75-7950m Back01:12.7
80-8450m Back01:24.0
85-8950m Back01:38.7
18-24100m Back01:34.1
25-29100m Back01:34.1
30-34100m Back01:34.8
35-39100m Back01:36.5
40-44100m Back01:39.2
45-49100m Back01:42.9
50-54100m Back01:47.7
55-59100m Back01:53.7
60-64100m Back02:01.1
65-69100m Back02:10.3
70-74100m Back02:22.1
75-79100m Back02:37.7
80-84100m Back02:59.0
85-89100m Back03:29.7
18-24200m Back03:23.8
25-29200m Back03:23.8
30-34200m Back03:24.7
35-39200m Back03:27.6
40-44200m Back03:33.4
45-49200m Back03:42.1
50-54200m Back03:53.6
55-59200m Back04:07.7
60-64200m Back04:24.4
65-69200m Back04:44.2
70-74200m Back05:08.6
75-79200m Back05:40.5
80-84200m Back06:25.0
85-89200m Back07:30.5
18-2450m Fly00:43.0
25-2950m Fly00:43.0
30-3450m Fly00:43.3
35-3950m Fly00:43.3
40-4450m Fly00:43.9
45-4950m Fly00:45.3
50-5450m Fly00:47.2
55-5950m Fly00:49.7
60-6450m Fly00:52.6
65-6950m Fly00:56.2
70-7450m Fly01:01.6
75-7950m Fly01:10.4
80-8450m Fly01:26.6
85-8950m Fly01:58.5
18-24100m Fly01:33.4
25-29100m Fly01:33.4
30-34100m Fly01:34.8
35-39100m Fly01:36.5
40-44100m Fly01:38.4
45-49100m Fly01:41.3
50-54100m Fly01:45.9
55-59100m Fly01:53.0
60-64100m Fly02:03.1
65-69100m Fly02:16.5
70-74100m Fly02:33.1
75-79100m Fly02:53.6
80-84100m Fly03:24.4
85-89100m Fly04:41.0
18-24200m Fly03:27.2
25-29200m Fly03:27.2
30-34200m Fly03:35.7
35-39200m Fly03:41.8
40-44200m Fly03:44.6
45-49200m Fly03:48.3
50-54200m Fly03:58.0
55-59200m Fly04:17.5
60-64200m Fly04:48.9
65-69200m Fly05:29.5
70-74200m Fly06:09.4
75-79200m Fly06:38.8
80-84200m Fly07:22.2
85-89200m Fly11:34.3
18-24100m IM01:38.0
25-29100m IM01:38.0
30-34100m IM01:38.0
35-39100m IM01:38.9
40-44100m IM01:41.4
45-49100m IM01:45.5
50-54100m IM01:50.4
55-59100m IM01:55.9
60-64100m IM02:02.0
65-69100m IM02:09.6
70-74100m IM02:20.8
75-79100m IM02:38.6
80-84100m IM03:06.2
85-89100m IM03:39.7
18-24200m IM03:26.1
25-29200m IM03:26.1
30-34200m IM03:26.1
35-39200m IM03:29.0
40-44200m IM03:35.1
45-49200m IM03:44.1
50-54200m IM03:55.5
55-59200m IM04:08.9
60-64200m IM04:24.3
65-69200m IM04:42.7
70-74200m IM05:06.7
75-79200m IM05:42.1
80-84200m IM06:41.5
85-89200m IM08:37.0
18-24400m IM07:20.8
25-29400m IM07:20.8
30-34400m IM07:21.4
35-39400m IM07:26.7
40-44400m IM07:38.4
45-49400m IM07:57.3
50-54400m IM08:23.4
55-59400m IM08:55.9
60-64400m IM09:33.7
65-69400m IM10:15.5
70-74400m IM11:03.8
75-79400m IM12:10.8
80-84400m IM14:18.2
85-89400m IM20:21.8

Men’s Qualifying Times

Age Group
18-2450m Free00:34.8
25-2950m Free00:34.8
30-3450m Free00:35.5
35-3950m Free00:36.3
40-4450m Free00:37.2
45-4950m Free00:38.1
50-5450m Free00:39.0
55-5950m Free00:40.2
60-6450m Free00:41.7
65-6950m Free00:43.8
70-7450m Free00:46.6
75-7950m Free00:50.4
80-8450m Free00:55.6
85-8950m Free01:03.2
18-24100m Free01:19.1
25-29100m Free01:19.1
30-34100m Free01:19.2
35-39100m Free01:19.1
40-44100m Free01:20.2
45-49100m Free01:22.7
50-54100m Free01:26.2
55-59100m Free01:30.3
60-64100m Free01:34.6
65-69100m Free01:39.0
70-74100m Free01:44.3
75-79100m Free01:52.4
80-84100m Free02:06.0
85-89100m Free02:30.5
18-24200m Free02:54.3
25-29200m Free02:54.3
30-34200m Free02:56.8
35-39200m Free02:58.3
40-44200m Free03:01.0
45-49200m Free03:05.9
50-54200m Free03:12.9
55-59200m Free03:22.1
60-64200m Free03:32.9
65-69200m Free03:45.5
70-74200m Free04:00.5
75-79200m Free04:20.3
80-84200m Free04:50.4
85-89200m Free05:44.4
18-24400m Free06:10.4
25-29400m Free06:10.4
30-34400m Free06:10.6
35-39400m Free06:10.5
40-44400m Free06:15.2
45-49400m Free06:26.0
50-54400m Free06:42.1
55-59400m Free07:01.9
60-64400m Free07:23.7
65-69400m Free07:47.4
70-74400m Free08:15.3
75-79400m Free08:53.7
80-84400m Free09:55.6
85-89400m Free11:47.6
18-24800m Free12:49.7
25-29800m Free12:49.7
30-34800m Free12:54.2
35-39800m Free12:57.7
40-44800m Free13:07.1
45-49800m Free13:25.8
50-54800m Free13:55.2
55-59800m Free14:35.4
60-64800m Free15:25.9
65-69800m Free16:25.9
70-74800m Free17:36.4
75-79800m Free19:02.8
80-84800m Free21:02.1
85-89800m Free24:21.7
18-241500m Free24:55.8
25-291500m Free24:55.8
30-341500m Free24:58.8
35-391500m Free24:57.1
40-441500m Free25:17.4
45-491500m Free26:04.1
50-541500m Free27:11.2
55-591500m Free28:28.9
60-641500m Free29:49.1
65-691500m Free31:12.5
70-741500m Free32:53.7
75-791500m Free35:25.4
80-841500m Free39:44.2
85-891500m Free47:26.4
18-2450m Breast00:43.1
25-2950m Breast00:43.1
30-3450m Breast00:43.7
35-3950m Breast00:44.5
40-4450m Breast00:45.6
45-4950m Breast00:46.8
50-5450m Breast00:48.4
55-5950m Breast00:50.3
60-6450m Breast00:52.8
65-6950m Breast00:55.9
70-7450m Breast00:59.8
75-7950m Breast01:04.7
80-8450m Breast01:11.3
85-8950m Breast01:21.5
18-24100m Breast01:37.5
25-29100m Breast01:37.5
30-34100m Breast01:38.2
35-39100m Breast01:38.8
40-44100m Breast01:40.6
45-49100m Breast01:43.9
50-54100m Breast01:48.5
55-59100m Breast01:54.0
60-64100m Breast02:00.2
65-69100m Breast02:07.5
70-74100m Breast02:16.7
75-79100m Breast02:29.7
80-84100m Breast02:49.4
85-89100m Breast03:19.4
18-24200m Breast03:31.2
25-29200m Breast03:31.2
30-34200m Breast03:32.7
35-39200m Breast03:34.1
40-44200m Breast03:38.0
45-49200m Breast03:45.1
50-54200m Breast03:55.0
55-59200m Breast04:06.9
60-64200m Breast04:20.5
65-69200m Breast04:36.3
70-74200m Breast04:56.3
75-79200m Breast05:24.4
80-84200m Breast06:07.1
85-89200m Breast07:11.9
18-2450m Back00:38.4
25-2950m Back00:38.4
30-3450m Back00:39.1
35-3950m Back00:40.0
40-4450m Back00:41.1
45-4950m Back00:42.4
50-5450m Back00:43.9
55-5950m Back00:45.6
60-6450m Back00:47.7
65-6950m Back00:50.2
70-7450m Back00:53.5
75-7950m Back00:58.0
80-8450m Back01:04.3
85-8950m Back01:14.1
18-24100m Back01:22.9
25-29100m Back01:22.9
30-34100m Back01:23.5
35-39100m Back01:25.3
40-44100m Back01:28.0
45-49100m Back01:31.5
50-54100m Back01:35.6
55-59100m Back01:40.2
60-64100m Back01:45.2
65-69100m Back01:50.7
70-74100m Back01:57.3
75-79100m Back02:06.1
80-84100m Back02:19.2
85-89100m Back02:40.7
18-24200m Back03:01.3
25-29200m Back03:01.3
30-34200m Back03:05.2
35-39200m Back03:10.8
40-44200m Back03:17.1
45-49200m Back03:24.4
50-54200m Back03:33.0
55-59200m Back03:43.3
60-64200m Back03:55.6
65-69200m Back04:09.6
70-74200m Back04:25.0
75-79200m Back04:42.4
80-84200m Back05:07.1
85-89200m Back05:57.0
18-2450m Fly00:36.3
25-2950m Fly00:36.3
30-3450m Fly00:37.1
35-3950m Fly00:38.4
40-4450m Fly00:39.7
45-4950m Fly00:40.7
50-5450m Fly00:41.8
55-5950m Fly00:43.3
60-6450m Fly00:45.5
65-6950m Fly00:48.6
70-7450m Fly00:52.6
75-7950m Fly00:57.8
80-8450m Fly01:05.6
85-8950m Fly01:23.4
18-24100m Fly01:22.9
25-29100m Fly01:22.9
30-34100m Fly01:24.4
35-39100m Fly01:26.2
40-44100m Fly01:28.2
45-49100m Fly01:30.4
50-54100m Fly01:33.4
55-59100m Fly01:37.8
60-64100m Fly01:44.1
65-69100m Fly01:52.7
70-74100m Fly02:04.3
75-79100m Fly02:20.2
80-84100m Fly02:45.0
85-89100m Fly03:36.2
18-24200m Fly03:02.8
25-29200m Fly03:02.8
30-34200m Fly03:06.8
35-39200m Fly03:11.9
40-44200m Fly03:16.2
45-49200m Fly03:21.3
50-54200m Fly03:29.6
55-59200m Fly03:43.5
60-64200m Fly04:03.6
65-69200m Fly04:28.5
70-74200m Fly04:53.6
75-79200m Fly05:15.5
80-84200m Fly05:46.1
85-89200m Fly07:38.0
18-24100m IM01:27.7
25-29100m IM01:27.7
30-34100m IM01:29.7
35-39100m IM01:32.0
40-44100m IM01:34.5
45-49100m IM01:37.6
50-54100m IM01:41.3
55-59100m IM01:45.9
60-64100m IM01:51.4
65-69100m IM01:58.4
70-74100m IM02:07.2
75-79100m IM02:19.4
80-84100m IM02:38.6
85-89100m IM03:15.9
18-24200m IM03:06.7
25-29200m IM03:06.7
30-34200m IM03:09.4
35-39200m IM03:13.6
40-44200m IM03:18.8
45-49200m IM03:25.1
50-54200m IM03:33.0
55-59200m IM03:43.2
60-64200m IM03:56.4
65-69200m IM04:13.3
70-74200m IM04:35.4
75-79200m IM05:05.7
80-84200m IM05:53.6
85-89200m IM07:29.7
18-24400m IM06:49.0
25-29400m IM06:49.0
30-34400m IM06:57.7
35-39400m IM07:05.7
40-44400m IM07:13.8
45-49400m IM07:24.4
50-54400m IM07:40.2
55-59400m IM08:03.4
60-64400m IM08:35.6
65-69400m IM09:17.9
70-74400m IM10:11.2
75-79400m IM11:19.2
80-84400m IM12:58.0
85-89400m IM16:11.4