Steve Bratt’s Race Pace Anaerobic Workout

Otter head coach Steve Bratt describes his race pace anaerobic workout for swimmers who want to improve their competitive speed.

He sent the Hub a couple of workouts. This ‘Race Pace Anaerobic’ workout will improve speed and lactate buffering. Look out for his second ‘High Performance Endurance’ workout to improve aerobic power.

Warm Up

  • 400m swimming a stroke / strokes of your choice.
  • 2x100m going through the Individual Medley strokes but kicking only and without a kickboard.
  • 4x100m front crawl on 1min40. Wait until the 1min40 is up before starting your next 100m. Aim to go at least two seconds faster with each of the four 100s.

Pre Set

  • 3x300m of either a front crawl pull drill or an Individual Medley kick drill with no kickboard. Aim to do the 300m front crawl drill on 4min30 and the IM kicking drill on 6min.

Main Set

  • 4x100m at 400m race pace on 2min. Wait until the two minutes have finished before starting your next 100m.
  • 2x50m at 200m race pace on 1min. Wait until the minute has finished before starting your next 50m.
  • 200m swim down on 4min.
  • 4x200m of front crawl breathing every three, four, five, six then seven strokes on 3min30. Wait until the 3min30 is finished before starting your next 200m.

Cool Down

  • 200m cool down using a stroke of your choice.