Swimming Technique Improvement Session

This swimming technique improvement session aims to let swimmers build technique and concentrate on their stroke while still providing a good work out.

At the end of the session you should be able to swim fast but keeping the same amount of strokes per length i.e. improve distance travelled for every stroke

Warm Up

  • 400m Front Crawl, then take 20 seconds rest.
  • 4x100m, alternating between 100m Individual Medley drill (25m of each stroke, performing a technique drill for each) and 100m Individual Medley full stroke (25m of each stroke). Rest for 20 seconds after each 100m.
  • 4x50m kicking, using leg kick of your choice for each 50m. Rest for 20 seconds after each 50m.
  • 8x25m on 1min. Wait until the minute is up before starting the next 25m. Sprint for half of each length, then easy swim for the rest of the 25m.

 Main Set

This can be completed on any stroke or Individual Medley.

  • 4x25m kicking, resting for five seconds after each 25m.
  • 2x50m performing a technique drill and resting for 10 seconds after each 50m.
  • 100m swim, holding your stroke count on each length to help with consistency in stroke length, then rest for 20 seconds.
  • Repeat this process another three times until you have swum the 1200m total of this main set.

Swim Down

  • 8x50m using a stroke of your choice and resting for 20 seconds after each 50m. Aim to work on the underwater phase of your turns in this swim down.