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Treasure hunt

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For this game you will need to come prepared with a toy that will sink to the bottom of the pool for every player.

Make sure the pool staff are happy with the toys you have brought. They may even have some of their own they can offer.

This game is lots of fun if you like going under the water and can touch the bottom of the pool. Just take a look at the video below. OK, firstly, let the toys sink to the bottom and ensure they are well spread out.

Once that is done, people line up along the side of the pool while one person calls out an item of ‘treasure’. The first person in the line has to go and get it. When he or she brings it back the caller shouts out the next piece of treasure for the next person in the line.

To make the game trickier, you could number each of the toys so they’re harder to find under the water.

Demonstration of how treasure hunt works


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