How pupils can take part in school swimming competitions

Find out about school swimming competitions your pupils can take part in.

We all want our kids to excel in competitive sport and other physically-demanding activities. It helps them develop strength of body and mind.

Here are some school swimming competitions and challenges to help you develop your pupils. 

Aquasplash Festival

Primary school aged pupils should be able to enjoy and experience the highs and lows of aquatic competition. So organise your very own Aquasplash festival for your school.

Aquasplash is designed to allow all young people to take part in aquatic competition.

The festival is designed to be fully inclusive and there are options to increase or decrease the difficulty of events.

By signing up to the School Swimming Charter here, you will receive all of the necessary resources and materials to hold an exciting, fun Aquasplash event.

The School SwimathonSchool Swimathon

Schools can take the plunge and challenge their pupils to swim further than ever before, while improving their technique in the water, by taking part in School Swimathon. Find out more on the website here.

We have a limited number of places for Charter schools to not only take part, but also to receive resources provided by The Swimathon Foundation to motivate and reward pupils.

If you are interested in taking part register your interest in the School Swimathon when you sign up to the School Swimming Charter here.


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