Train your teachers in school swimming

In order to make school swimming a success at your school, those people who have an established relationship with pupils, like their class teachers, are best placed to do this.

School swimming is a statutory national curriculum subject, so it is essential that you train your teachers and they have access to appropriate support and resources.

You can use the government Sports Premium in order to get your teachers trained and confident, and here at the ASA we have made it as easy as we can for you to put the necessary steps in place.

The National Curriculum Training Programme (NCTP) is specially designed to provide class teachers and others involved in school swimming delivery with the information and skills they need to feel confident in supporting the effective delivery of school swimming.

Much of the training can be accessed online, which means your teachers don’t need to spend long hours away from school, just attend a few practical sessions over the duration of the course. These are structured to allow maximum flexibility for schools, with many of the face to face practical sessions fitting nicely into current INSET planning.

There are two separate parts to the programme which can be completed together or as individual packages:

  • Fundamentals of School Swimming – for those who will be actively assisting a more qualified teacher.
  • Aquatic Skills of School Swimming – providing the skills needed to teach school swimming independently.

For more information please visit our training page, or email to request course availability.


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