What people are saying about our School Swimming Charter

Boy leaning on poolside with goggles. What people are saying about the School Swimming Charter.

We’re inviting schools to sign up to the Charter. Here’s what people are saying about it…

The School Swimming Charter is a very powerful document for primary schools. Not only does it include innovative ways and resources to deliver, teach and motivate KS1/2 pupils to swim and understand water safety but it provides schools with the knowledge and confidence to take on the ownership of School Swimming.
School Swimming is a National Curriculum subject and therefore the responsibility for ensuring all pupils meet age related expectations and national standards lies ultimately with schools. The best provision for children learning to swim is one where the partnership between school and swimming instructors is seamless. With the School Swimming Charter, schools no longer can hand over the sole responsibility for teaching their children to swim to those who provide the technical knowhow.
Jo Searle, Phillimore Community Primary School, Sheffield

The entire proposal seems an exciting and encouraging opportunity. The teaching and learning opportunities seem excellent, especially the teaching aids and opportunity for training. From a parents’ point of view I believe many would be committed to the charter. Most of all, I think it would be highly motivational for the children.

I feel very positive about this being a real step in the right direction. Apart from any of the other benefits, improving the knowledge and skills of the teachers and support staff helping the young students learn to swim will be of major benefit. Use of the best vocabulary and teaching points linked to improved knowledge of the mechanics of swimming strokes should certainly increase efficiency and success in learning.

I believe that swimming is an essential life skill: it could save your life. A bit like learning to walk: you don’t have a choice, you need to do it. So, the idea of children leaving primary school without this essential skill is quite unacceptable.

Our year 3 and 4 children go swimming every week so at this school children have lessons for 2 years. We don’t stop when they can do the minimum required by the National Curriculum as it is such an important skill to have. We also continue to take them in year 5 and even year 6 if it’s necessary. We’re really pleased to be able to have this Charter as it is something that means a lot to us and we have made great efforts to ensure the pressures of other curricular areas have not sidelined swimming.


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