August’s Ambassador Keri-anne Payne

Keri-anne Payne chats to the Partnership Hub

Olympic, World and Commonwealth medallist Keri-anne Payne chats to the Partnership Hub and explains why she supports a range of swimming campaigns.

Best swimming memory in the pool and out of the pool?
Best memory for me in the water is finishing the Beijing Olympic 10k and not realising what I had accomplished! Outside of the pool was the moment after that when it sunk in that I had achieved my dream of winning an Olympic medal.

Nickname at school?
I was very adamant as a child (and still am) that people called me Keri-anne but for some reason when I started swimming the nickname Kez came along and its stuck since then πŸ™‚

Favourite pool (and why)?
My favourite pool is the ocean! I’m so lucky that for my event I get to swim outside and in some beautiful seas. The best so far was the crystal clear waters of the Cayman Islands.

Most and least favourite sessions in your training week?
I love the hard sessions the most; feeling like I am contributing to my Olympic goal. I don’t have a worst session but if there is a lot of breaststroke in the set then I like the session less!

Little known fact about you?
I hate apples πŸ™‚

Top tip for aspiring swimmers?
My top tip is to always remember why you love swimming! For me it’s the friendships I form that keep me excited about training every day. I love what I do because I enjoy what I do!


I really love the Swimsafe campaign. Teaching children how to look for dangers in and around the sea is a vital step to swimming safe! I’m very pleased to be a part of this.

The Henley Mile

The Henley Mile is my cup of tea, people swimming open water in the UK and with a brilliant venue like Henley everyone has a great day!


Swimming is a technical sport and having the best technology for my swim wear is vital and why I love Speedo so much. Everything fits me and is suited for me to perform my best!


SwimBritain is a special event for me; it was the first time since childhood that I could swim in a relay team with my family! The venue was the spectacular Blenheim palace and so good to see all the smiling faces of everyone that completed the swim!


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