New Lumie acne lights

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There are lights available to buy which can help you sleep, help you get up in the morning and conquer jetlag. Now Lumie has launched a light which can be used to look after skin and treat acne.

Acne usually hits during the latter part of the teenage years, though the skin condition can also appear as late as your thirties. While there are varying levels of acne and the symptoms are usually quite mild, a serious acne problem can have a massive impact on day to day activities and can adversely affect self-confidence.

Acne can be an issue for swimmers of all varieties if the correct precautions are not taken. Chlorine and pool chemicals can irritate and dry out the skin causing an increase of oil production. If you swim outdoors, not having the correct sunscreen can clog pores causing acne. Exposure to the sun can also dry out the skin and make acne worse.

There is not currently a cure for acne. While there are many products on the market, these are generally to prevent new spots from forming or to help minimise scarring. Creams and gels that are available over the counter are messy and can cause dryness and/or itching and many prescription medications, while effective, can have some nasty side effects.

Lumie’s light therapy, Lumie Clear, is a new and exciting approach to treating acne. It uses a combination of red and blue light, which at the right frequencies, can heal the skin and get rid of inflammation. This combination improved the appearance of the skin by over 70%.

The Lumie Clear is a handy LED device which can be used to treat acne using the combination of red and blue light, suitable for any area of the body.

The treatment with Lumie Clear takes just 15 minutes a day when you are concentrating the device on a particular area of the skin. If you decide to use the device at a distance while you carry on with your day to day activities, the treatment should take around an hour.


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