Our partner Malmsten is a company focused solely on products and services for pools, water and swimming activities. It strives to be the leaders in new and improved technology, designs and materials.

During Malmsten’s 40 year history a complete range of swimming equipment has been developed. The product mix consists of products meeting the highest quality standards, using only proven materials and tested parts.

Malmsten movable floors and bulkheads are of the highest class engineering and provide increased flexibility to the swimming pool operation, whilst helping to reduce servicing costs through the mechanical drive system. It is this accuracy and smoothness that leads the ASA see it as a market leader. – The ASA Facilities Team.

Among others, Malmsten probably offers the world’s most efficient and highest quality racing lane lines – the Competitor racing lane line with its wave breaking technology – which has been selected for most European and World Championships since its introduction 1976.

As an example, it has been in the competition pools of eight Olympics so far. Our goal has always been to build long-term relationships with our clients and distributors and JP Lennard has been our sole distributor of the Competitor brand in Great Britain since 1976.

Another of our products – our movable floor – has a unique design to improve accessibility and pool functioning. Since 1996 we have made many installations of our movable floor across the world which has given us a thorough experience.

Through its design which simplifies both installation and cleaning it has become a great success and can now be found in many swimming halls all over UK.

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