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Get Ripped: Week Six


The final week was here! Four more hours of exercise and I would have completed the programme.

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Get Ripped: Week Five


By week five I think I now know every employee of my pool by name, leading me to believe that maybe I’m there too much?

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Get Ripped: Week Four


Week four made me realise just how much I love broccoli. In fact, I may have eaten it every day this week!

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Get Ripped: Week Three


The third week of my training was a difficult one. After a rough five-a-side game, I realised the next morning I was unable to lift my right arm without a searing pain in my shoulder.

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Get Ripped: Week Two


The second week went just as well as the first. I’ve settled into the routine well and the favoured breakfast seems to be two scrambled eggs on wholegrain toast accompanied by a glass of full cream milk (this isn’t the Atkins diet!).

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Get Ripped: Week One


So I started the six-week program on a cloudy day in Cardiff. I packed my bag with gym stuff, swim stuff, shower stuff, protein shake stuff and once I’d put it on I ended up looking like a 10-year old on a school trip.

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